Dramanti HQ Cupping Session

Dramanti HQ Cupping Session

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This is a complete sensory experience for Coffee Appreciation.

We cover everything from:

- What is coffee

- How and where it grows

- Different varietals

- Why different altitudes and countries taste different

- How processing method affects flavour

- The difference between Specialty and Commodity coffee.

Guests will be greeted with two different filter coffees with a full explanation of the roasting process, followed by a complete sensory engagement in the cupping session guided by our multi-award winning, accredited national barista judge and educational power point presentation.

Participants will receive a free bag of 250g beans to take home after your session!



What is the maximum number of people per session?

There is a maximum of 12 people per session.

Who should attend?

Coffee enthusiasts, flavour alchemists and Baristas. Anyone with a keen palette for coffee!

Who will conduct the sessions?

The cupping sessions will be conducted by Stacey Benjamin, accredited National Barista Judge, alongside Dragan Sestic, owner and chief roaster of Dramanti.

How often are the sessions run?

Cupping sessions are conducted once a month.

Got 2 minutes to learn more?

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